Elopement Photographer New York | Proposal Photographer New York City
Ultimate Guide how to find perfect place for a Proposal Photoshoot in New York City. In this guide you will find answers how to make proposal perfect and book your Proposal Photographer in New York.
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Secret Proposal Photographer New York City

Proposal Photoshoot New York

Ultimate Guide by Mikalai Zlouski

Proposal photoshoot & Secret proposal photoshoot?
What’s a difference?

Proposal Photoshoot New York

We start with a regular photoshoot, and at the end of the photoshoot, we go to the spot you like. I will tell you a secret word, like “Williamsburg,” which means I’m ready to shoot the proposal – the perfect moment to do it! After the proposal, I will do a 5-minute photoshoot with the ring and then leave. I think this option works much better than just a regular secret proposal. Because your girlfriend will be ready for a photoshoot, she will wear her best clothes, probably do good makeup and hair; she will be ready for a photoshoot but not for a proposal, so it will be a secret proposal anyway. Also, it’s a bit stressful to do a photoshoot right after the proposal, but with this option, you will have time after the photoshoot just for yourselves to discuss everything, call your family and friends to surprise them.

Proposal Photographer New york
Proposal Photographer New York

Secret Proposal Photoshoot New York

For Secret Proposal photoshoot you will need to make the proposal before the photoshoot. We’ll discuss the best spot before the shoot, where you can propose to your future wife. 

  • I will send you a pin on Google Maps with the spot for the photoshoot. I’ll arrive at the spot 10 minutes before the photoshoot, so don’t worry about me missing your special moment. Before the shoot, I will need a photo of your look for the day. This will help me recognize you to not miss the moment. Make sure there’s no crowd to avoid random people during your special moment. Also, your hands should be free, without bottles, cellphones, or bags.
  • Afterward, you’ll need to hold the pose for 10 seconds before kissing and hugging. She said yes! Good job! Now we can do a small photoshoot around. I won’t be annoying, just capturing how you walk, talk, and enjoy your moment. After the photoshoot, I will send you all the photos the same day. You can choose 5 photos for fast editing (ready the next day after you send the numbers to me) and 25 for regular editing (within 10 days).

Best proposal locations New York 

On The top of the Rock you can choose side of rooftop, you can get photos with a Central Park or With Midtown and Empire State Buidling

Proposal Photographer New York
Proposal Photoshoot New York Top of the Rock

Top of the Rock

If you’re visiting New York, the rooftop of the Rockefeller Center will be the best place for a secret proposal. All the famous New York skyscrapers will be under your feet – she’ll definitely say “Yes!” This roof has 3 different floors: the 1st floor is inside the building, the 2nd floor is covered by glass, and the 3rd floor is not covered by anything. For this location, it will be easy for me to capture photos and videos of the secret proposal. I usually ask you to stay on the 2nd floor. I can leave my camera on a tripod on the 3rd floor to record a video from the top; I will be on the 2nd floor with you, with the Empire State Building in the background. We can start with a secret proposal on the rooftop and then do a small photoshoot on the rooftop, or we can start our photoshoot in Midtown and finish at the Top of the Rock, so you will get 2 locations in this case. The price to go up is $32/person for daytime and $40 for sunset time, so you will need to buy 3 tickets. I do not recommend doing this location at sunset because it’s very crowded. The best time for this location is before noon.

Dumbo Free rooftop

This rooftop is free to use and not crowded. Tourists usually don’t know about this hidden spot. From this rooftop, you’ll see the New York skyline and the famous Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges. Definitely a memorable experience. I know some hidden spots to install cameras if you would like to add a video to your package. You can do the secret proposal first, and we can do a photoshoot in the Dumbo area, then or we can start with a Brooklyn Bridge/Dumbo area photoshoot and finish with a proposal on the rooftop. There are good restaurants in this building, so you can celebrate right after she says yes! The best time for this location is weekdays at sunset.

Proposal photoshoot New York
Proposal Photoshoot New York

Dumbo Boardwalk

Most popular location for photoshoot, it’s not crowded there and incredible NYC skyline on background. Also in DUMBO it’s always easy to find quite spot without people and it’s always good light there. 

Central Park 

Central Park is always good idea! In Central Park we have few not crowded rocks with New York City skyscrapers on background – that perfect spot to shoot proposal. We can do photoshoot before or after proposal.

Photographer New York
Proposal photoshoot

Pebble Beach

Quiet bitch in Dumbo, Brooklyn.
It’s always no people there that why I think it’s perfect location for a proposal and of course AMAZING view to New York skyline.

Yours special place

Sometimes you just need to choose place that you like or make matter for you. You know what I’m taking about.

New York private Roofs & Rooftop Bars

You can make an offer to rooftop bar (before opening) or book private rooftop  and prepare the site for the offer. It will be a private roof – no one will disturb you.

Proposal Photographer New York


Best time for a secret proposal photoshoot is at sunset, in this case, you’ll guarantee good lighting for the photoshoot. Sunset is most romantic time, especially in New York. You can book table in restaurant around to celebrate this moment after photoshoot. 

Proposal Photographer New York

If you need to shoot your proposal in New York – fell free to text me 🙂 I can be your proposal Photographer in Yew York.
Check my Proposal Photoshoot portfolio below.